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2014.09.26 Friday 09:00

Nursing Education “I feel good.”

Nursing Education
“I feel good.”
“you'll feel good when you clean your fingernails and wash your hands.
From now on, come here to have your fingernails cut whenever you want it to be done.It will make you comfortable.”
“Yogo teachers don't have to cut the children's fingernails,”some people say. But after they have experienced nail clipped a few times, they will do it by themselves.
                  extracted from Records of Nursing Education by Yasue Koyama, published in 1944
 Our work hasn't changed in principle.
 Children's lives and the work in the Yogo teachers' room are vividly described in that book.
I feel that the work of Yogo teachers hasn't changed for a long time.
Keep your eyes on the children.
Our work is to understand support children's growth and development in all aspects of their bodies and health.
To do so, we need to understand children as they really sre and to decide and work on how we should help chuldren grow and develop.
The principle haven't changed for the past fifty years.
                                            sumi shishido


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