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2014.09.26 Friday 09:05

Let'tell about Yogo Teachers!

How about taking part in an International Union for Health Promotion and Education Conference(IUHPE)?
We have reported on the health problems of Japanese children and the work of Yogo teachers.
Our work doesn't change in principle.
Health problems of children have changed over time.

The nature of a Yogo teacher's work is that we have to work creatively because of changes in the children's health problems.
To give children the fortitude to live, what do we have to do?
We have learned with our fellow members, how to value our role and responsibilities.
Let's send amessage to the world!
The work of Yogo teacher has been valued as an excellent job and attracted worldwide attention.
The National Network of Yogo teachers in Japan has taken part in “International Union for Health Promotion and Education Conference”five times.
We reported about “Japanese children's health problems and Yogo teacher's work.
Also, we have had contact with people all over the world.
“I know about Yogo teacher in Japan.”
At the recent world conference, we were asked many times, “Are you a Yogo teacher?”
To explain "The work of Yogo teacher's and to reflect about our jobs while abroad, we can learn something new.

Why don't you study with us?
Email yogoteachers@gmail.com



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